Overall Quality BtoBet is a multinational iGaming and Sports betting technology provider with the ambition to become one of the most recognizable corporate identity on the market.

Creativity BtoBet launched its new campaign Technifying iGaming Tour 2018. Its development took place in London. It was based on the campaign that had been devised the previous year. A robotic hand image has evolved into a full-body humanoid, with real human eyes. Functionality becomes competence, helpfulness becomes benevolence, and reliability becomes integrity.

Design Quality The image is a representation of the perfect combination of computer science and human ability, a mix that will make sure that customers enjoy a substantial brand impact in the market.

Project Complexity The challenge was to define an original BtoBet android character that could not be confused with other forms of Artificial Intelligence already present in the market. We did many sketches and then we decided to build a robot with a logo engraved in its chest and blue muscles and fibers in accordance to the BtoBet corporate colors.
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