Luca obtained his University diploma in set design at the Academy of Fine Arts, summa cum laude in L’Aquila in 1998. He held his first exhibit of drawings and illustrations with the presentation by Cecilia Casorati in 1994. He worked as an illustrator for Sinergia ADV on his first national advertising campaign for the brand Vitamina Jeans, which was featured in the magazines Grazia, Cento Cose Energy, Donna Moderna, Confidenze. Moreover, he illustrated the scientific informative pamphlet titled “AIDS: If You Know It, You Can Avoid It” with Interlinea publishing company, which was later distributed in planned parenthood clinics throughout Italy. His artistic eclecticism allowed him to express himself in several fields, as in 1996 he was the first prize recipient at the contest titled “Music and Cinema”, as best director and protagonist with the short film “R.E.M.” and he later consolidated his photography skills by working as an assistant for an important studio in his hometown, Teramo.  His undeniable versatility led him to Proel Musical Instruments. This move would be a key factor in Luca’s trade. He managed to revamp the image of a world-renowned company that would make him a full-fledged graphic designer. After a short experience with the firm Artesia Comunicazione, Luca became the director at the graphic design studio at Quartermaster (Indian Rose, Indian Rags, Paradise Calling). At the same time Luca had always expressed his talent as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer by collaborating with Bellantuono, Le Spose di Mariella Burani, Bluemarine, Gaia Edizioni, WWF Italia, CONAD, AVIS, Tigre Gabrielli, Roland Europe, Società dei Concerti Primo Riccitelli, Newton Compton, Primigi. He consolidated his collaborations with Endless Adventure in Glendale (CA). He also formed business relations with music labels such as Hallway Records and Roosevelt University in Chicago (IL) and Atelier Sawano (JPN). His works were featured in the American magazine Downbeat.  

In 2002, Clementoni put him in charge of the creation of Sapientino Web, for which Luca would draw over 600 panels. This was only the first among many fruitful collaborations that linked him to this important toy-producing company in Recanati, Italy. Throughout the years, he created several games for the Sapientino line: First Phrases, Sapientino English, Road Safety and many other board games. He also created toy designs based on international licenses such as Disney, Pixar, Winx, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, Mickey Clubhouse, Winnie the Pooh, Venice Connection, Pro 7, Mediaset, Endemol, Lucasfilm Indiana Jones and others. He would win the Pubblicità Italia award with the project for the packaging of the game “Let’s Have Fun!”, created for the ADPlan advertising firm. In 2003 the magazine Computer graphic & Publishing features Luca on its cover, along with an 8-page article. In May 2004 Faber-Castell appointed him an ambassador and gave him the task of demonstrating how versatile and valid pencils and colors could be through a series of courses and open houses. In 2007 he began a collaboration with the Swiss publisher Paquet for which he realized Adriano De Vincentiis’ book “Secret Sophia”, with a preface by Milo Manara. He held a laboratory class titled “Graphic design, from pencil to print” at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the University of Teramo. In collaboration with D-Men and Quasar Institute, Luca held a course titled “The Proscenium of Subjectivity” on storyboard making, directing, editing, and frame creating. He will later be a Graphics and “in-house” visual communication Professor for training courses centers, companies, and establishments, such as ASL and Confindustria. As creative director of the firm D-Men he also created the user interface for the app Don Matteo for Rai/Luxvide, as well as the opening titles for the fiction Talent High School- Sophia’s dream. He also worked for Pampers and Giochi Preziosi, among other companies. Starting in 2012, he became art director at the communication firm Pomilio Blumm, where he designed several institutional campaigns such as Tourism Promotion of Lombardy in 2013, Tourism Promotion of Calabria in 2013, The Opera House in Rome, MISE, European Food Safety Authority, MIUR, and The Authority for Childhood and Adolescence.  He was the creator of the new logo and brand of the Authority for Electricity and Gas and was the creative mind behind the international campaign Consorzio Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (2014). His artistic eclecticism would lead him to create graphic and photography portfolios. He also published the book Duplicity. The video graphic installation “Something is Created, Sometimes”, features the voice by voice-over actor Roberto Pedicini. Following that, he created the photography project titled “Visions”. Luca has also been a prolific music producer, as his first single “The Weekend” topped the dance charts by ranking 9th on Beatport. In addition, he produced the EP for the Canadian singer Sherlana, as well as the remix of the single “History” by Kristen Faulconer, featuring Jason Sutter with the label DAVIDDANCE. His first CD “Switched on Ben Dover” was successfully endorsed and funded on the Kickstarter platform, and then released in 2015.  The following year, he produced the CD “Orbits” with his brother Paolo Di Sabatino (Nicolosi production).  A third CD was released in 2017 for the English label Velvet Room, titled “Lost Daze”. Luca’s music can be found streaming on the most popular platforms such as Spotify and is being distributed on Deezer, Apple Music, Napster, and Amazon.  While working as a music producer, he also obtained a job in Malta as Executive Art Director for the multinational betting company BtoBet. In January 2018 Luca was selected by the Australian publisher Capsules Books to take part in the Best Illustrators Worldwide yearbook which featured some of the best illustrators in the world in one important and valuable book. 

In the same year, he won top first prize in the Photography category at the third Biennial of Modern Art in Salerno with his project Selfie Distraction. Such a project was of a great social impact and caught the interest of the art critic Angelo Calabrese. In 2019 Luca delivered a speech on Multipotential- Creativity beyond specializations at the Behance Portfolio Review in Pescara (PEPE collective). In the same year, he took part in the exhibition Art for justice in Cava De’ Tirreni, where he presented his project on disability and social inclusion titled Tommy-Handle with Care. His latest project, titled Selene, will be exhibited at the fourth Biennial of Modern Art in Salerno. He has obtained his Microsoft Office Specialist, Adobe Associate “Visual Design using Adobe Photoshop” and his Preliminary English Test certifications. Luca’s creativity has been highlighted by platforms such as Behance, Ello, and Creative Pool. Throughout the years he has had many specialists interested in his work, such as Carla Ortolani in her 2010 book “Una città in ascolto” (Zikkurat publisher), Il Centro-quotidiano d’Abruzzo, SO WOW Magazine, Professional Photoshop, Il Messaggero, Il Tempo, Creative Digest, Adriatico 24 ore, Deskhunt, Ekuo News, Wacom Professional Europe, Abruzzo Economy, Spot and Web, Pubblicità Italia, La Città, I Due Punti, On-Music, Tesori d’Abruzzo, ANSA, LINK, Velvet Music, Parkett, Leggo, Radio G, Prima Pagina, Mediaset TG COM 24, Radio Kiss Kiss, Corriere della Sera, Graphic Design and Publishing,  Some of his photographs have been distributed on the Shutterstock platform. During his 20-year+ long career, Luca has developed an excellent knowledge of the most popular graphic programs, like Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Bohemian Sketch and has developed good skills with DAW programs, such as Logic PRO X with plugin Native Instruments and Spectrasonic as well as Virtual DJ PRO 10. He worked with Kemipol from November 2019 to August 2021 as Chief of Marketing Operations. In June 2021 he published his first graphic design book about his method and creative approach called "Impresa che cambia" for Fausto Lupetti Editore.
From September 2021 he returns to Pomilio Blumm as Art Director. For the firm, he is responsible for creating campaigns and brand guides. 
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