Overall Quality Born in 1970, the chamber orchestra of The Aquileian Soloists represents one of the most recognized Italian bands abroad. After a 50-year long respectable career, the artistic director decided to revamp the style of the ensemble’s image.

Creativity Music is creativity, as well as movement repetition and dynamism. In tackling the project, the movements that produce sounds and a feeling of awe were pivotal. A chamber orchestra demands precision in its execution and fruition. However, what produces a sense of amazement is the soloist virtuosity as well as the creative flair.

Design Quality The aim is to represent the creative flair behind the art of creating sounds through simple, clean and linear movements. Its symbol has been reproduced on a red background. Such color conveys the passion of all types of music lovers. The very movement depicted there in different portions will be reproduced in all institutional formats.

Project Complexity In approaching such an important institution, the feeling of respect can be an obstacle to new ideas and intuitions. After an initial fear, the flux of ideas was perceived and shared by all the involved parties.
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