Overall Quality This is the production of the new single by the French/African singer Kelly Joyce. The song is a bonus track from the album of jazz musician Paolo Di Sabatino “Trace Elements”. A singer of international fame, Kelly regularly appears on TV shows. Her single “Vivre la Vie” was a worldwide hit single.

Creativity The entire video turns around the sensual and good-looking shape of Kelly. By wearing different outfits, she splits into different characters. The overall idea was not to follow a story but only to create something as charming, posh, stylish, and pleasing to the eye, as she is.

Design Quality To achieve the goal, the video was completed using both handwritten and computer-based typography. Some words of the song became the motion graphic background of Kelly movements. The inspiration for the video came from fashion TV show and beauty product commercials.

Project Complexity Every designer or image maker knows the importance of the horizon line when creating every kind of image. To get the best result in terms of framing and to facilitate the graphic design and editing, the entire video was shot using a platform and a single camera point.
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