Overall Quality Lost Daze is a music project with a heavy electronic component and its case is a creative experiment on the whole.  

Creativity lies in the ability to consistently put one’s skills under pressure, by pushing the envelope anytime that is possible. When such a thing is not possible in a person’s day-to-day routine job, finding an outlet to express one own’s alternative expressivity becomes necessary. The protagonist on the cover represents such a desire of affirming one’s need to express the individual’s creativity. 

Design Quality The outfit is a unique piece that has been designed and sewn for shooting only. Every image created for the cover has been drawn and shared with the whole crew during production.  

Project Complexity Managing all the production steps from the character and logo drawing to the creation of the outfit, as well as the fitting of the outfit and all the aspects related to make-up and hairstyle and the handling of timing and lights, was an important challenge.  
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