Overall Quality Orbits is a music project created by Ben Dover and Paolo Di Sabatino. Jazz and electronic music meet to produce new acoustic spaces.

Creativity The video features actress and pole dancer Valeria Bonalume who, at first, appears tired and bored; she falls, then gets back up. She would rather be anywhere else. The two spectators behind her are incredulous. Then the music starts playing, making the protagonist get her strength back and projecting her into another space, in which she is alone with the whirling movements of her dance.

Design Quality The woman’s sinuous dancing creates spirals and swirls that take her and those around her to a new galaxy, on an imaginary journey, making any worries and insecurities disappear. Everything changes, the dark background opens, uncovering bright stars and distant worlds. The music stops playing. The idea was to create a connection between the CD cover and the video using the same color palette and visual reminder

Project Complexity Making a low budget video is always a challenge. Hiring professionals, thinking of logistics, storyboard, set design and camera movement takes a huge versatility. The whole video was recorded in studio. The black background was built only for the shooting.
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