Overall Quality Phone Addicted is a personal project born after the Selfie Distraction project. The free-hand drawing is often the starting point for any project I decide to embark on. Maintaining a regular training of one’s hand is critical.

Creativity Smartphones and social networks have radically changed our way of interacting with others. It does not matter how old one is or what one’s social status and background are, phones are “partners” everyone lives with. The drawings of this section show different situations in which the detachment from reality becomes obsessive and dangerous. Such a condition has been amplified by the use of desaturated and tone-on-tone colors.

Design Quality The drawings are freehand in its origin and then they were transferred and inked on the computer utilizing Adobe Illustrator. The base-color has been obtained with Adobe Illustrator as well. The effects have been created with Photoshop.

Project Complexity Personal project, or as I call them “research and development projects” represent a crucial part of my work as a creative. These are projects that often aim at testing new languages and styles such as photography, illustration, and sound which allow me to keep an adequate level of preparation when interacting with other creative minds. However, the task of having to manage one’s timing to have enough room to work on other projects is extremely challenging.
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