Overall Quality The Salerno Biennial of Art is a relatively young art show which takes place in the beautiful and historical Fruscione palace. Every 2 years many artists (about 800 in 2018), from all over the world meet in Salerno to take part in the art exhibition. The project won the first prize in the photography section.

Creativity Life is a heartbeat. It runs as fast as a car on a deserted road. Sharing cannot wait. Now, more than ever one can see people driving while answering the phone or texting messages risking their life and that of others.

Design Quality The idea was to create an image with a great social impact using cold colors and a strong desaturation treatment. At a first sight, one can see a good looking, smiling woman, while taking a selfie beside her car but, at a deeper sight, it is possible to notice that the girl had a car accident, she is wounded and his friend lies unconscious.

Project Complexity To realize the project we risked a complaint by the police at every minute of the shooting. To carry out the staging, it was necessary to bring a not working car partially destroyed on the road we used as a set with a tow truck and then we cracked the windshield to show the interior of the car. The preproduction phase took almost 2 months.
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