Overall Quality This is without a doubt the most important multiplex in the town it is located in. After 40 years, the building underwent a total renovation. Its logo, as well as the screening rooms were completely rebuilt.

Creativity “7” is the number of the ancient and modern wonders of the world. It is also the number that denotes the year of birth of the “Smeraldo” cinema (1977). 7 is also the number of its screening rooms. It is a modern building beloved by the town inhabitants. Its symbol reclaims such modernity and the combination in typography looks to the billboards of the past, with the use of the Bodoni font. 

Design Quality In its concept, the logo is constituted by a film twirling in itself and forming a shape that resembles the side of a precious stone (“Smeraldo” means “emerald” in Italian), that can also be seen as an arrow aiming towards the sky, as a symbol of success. Tradition and modernity coexist in a project that uses the nuances the owners used in the past for their marketing. 

Project Complexity It was a real challenge having to work with a well-established architecture firm and discuss ideas and color choices, not to mention the difficulty encountered in obtaining the computer-generated material to promote ideas that could be approved by the owners. The rendering of one of the screening rooms used for the reopening press release was created by one of my suppliers to minimize any waste of time.   

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