Overall Quality Tommy is a photographic project developed in 6 panels. It was created for the exhibit titled: “Art
for Justice” in Cava De’ Tirreni, Italy. The theme of the exhibit is disability. 

Creativity Tommy can’t move nor speak. He lives on a wheelchair from which he might fall any minute. The theme of disability is seen through the eye of those who have to deal with people with extreme cognitive problems. They are parents, brothers, sisters who cannot fill the void their loved ones experience.  

Design Quality The puppet was drawn and sewn for the shooting only. The images were designed specifically to avoid showing the human component in order to give a sense of extreme loneliness. 

Project Complexity The shooting took place at the mountains and at by the sea in one day going from one place to the other. Some photos were taken at sunset and in the middle of the night with the aim of capturing the specific features of the environment at specific times.  
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