Overall Quality Visions is a photographic project of 12 portraits created for an exhibit. Each portrait depicts a professional extremely knowledgeable in their own discipline. A 3D artist, a photographer, a make-up artist, a hairstylist, and many more have been photographed.  

Creativity Everyone who performs his or her job with passion and drive hides sides that they are not willing to show other people. In Visions, everyone accepted to “get
naked” in front of the eye of the photographer to appear the way the photographer sees them, with their fears and imperfections. 

Design Quality Although Visions is a portrait project, each portrait is different from the others under several aspects. In fact, colors and frames are built to show a multitude of facets. The entire project generates a varied path in the world of creativity and its protagonists.  

Project Complexity Each portrait carried several issues, this is why the layout drawing beforehand became a very important element in order to get all the material and equipment for the set. The ultimate goal was not to retouch any of the pictures, so everything was done on set. Due to various reasons the project was carried out in almost a year.
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